It's ok to watch porn, but do it responsibly!

Remember when your mother used to scold you to stop masturbating? We've all been there! "Stop jerking it, son! You will go blind if you keep on wanking!" or "You will grow hair on your palms if you won't quit spanking the monkey!". You probably heard it all before, over and over again. But that's a bunch of lies! Scientists confirmed that masturbation can't affect your health! Unless you jerk off 12 hours withouth interruption, without eating or hydrating yourself. Back in the older days we had to use our imagination to jerk off and if you managed to stumble upon a porn magazine, you were a lucky son of a gun! But those old days are gone! 

Now, thanks to the rise of the Internet, we have a lot of fap material just a click away! You don't need to use your imagination. Just go to Adultinc or any other adult site and you will find everything you want! But the loss of eyesight is not a problem anymore! Now there are other serious problems that come from consuming porn! Believe it or not, the effects of porn can be devastating! But it's not like you can die... Just that it has a huge impact on your love life and social life. It's true! It acts just like an addiction! And just like an addiction you want more and more. So everytime you watch a movie, you'll want to see another one and so on. 

If you are married, your spouse will probably suffer a lot. You won't be attracted to her like you used to be and your libido will hit rock bottom! There's also a high chance for erectyle disfunctions. You'll also have some unreal standards for women or men, because in porn you can see only fit chicks with big tits and buble butts and dudes with extremely large penises! Speaking about porn addiction, there were also celebrities that confessed about this subject. For example, Terry Crews admited that he was a porn addict. So next time when you want to binge watch every video from a site, you'd better think twice! Enjoy porn responsibly! 

The Cropped Top

For years showing your belly in public was considered tasteless but now the cropped top is trendy again. You can`t miss it, many designers have proposed it for the SS collections, many fashionistas wear it and also you can spot it in every street style blog. To wear such a piece you need some courage, the right cropped top, some common sense and also a flat abdomen. I think I have all that and I'll will give it a try this summer. Do you like it? Will you wear the cropped top this summer?