I have not been a very good blogger. I have not kept contact with some bloggers I had been in contact with. Some really awesome people who followed me through some really interesting stuff on this blog. My life is a rather messy turmoil of late. A stress level that has left my heart in retreat from life itself. I am working on that. So there is one little bit about me. Part of the whole point of the post. To know someone. These are among some thoughts that came to me while standing in a shower of water that was probably too hot. I am aware that I have been "labeled". Yep. Just called one thing or something else and the ones who applied the labels have not made the effort to know me. Then my thoughts take off on me. What does it really mean to know me?

I have a facebook friend. By facebook friend I mean that she is someone I have never met in person. Our paths have never crossed and we don't even have much in common. She has some really wonderful pictures of her in bikinis, short shorts, and other bits of clothing that highlight her physical beauty very nicely. She left a post one time that in a few words, conveyed pain from her heart over how a man had treated her. I sent her a personal message. I wrote to her heart. I understood then, and understand now, that she is so much more than those two dimensional pixels I enjoyed looking at. She is a woman with a woman's heart.

She responded with appreciation for the words that I sent her, but there the conversation ended. She didn't indicate wanting to allow me to know her as a person. That is perfectly acceptable of course. I am not so vain or concerned that she had to suddenly want to know me (that just would have been nice) just because I spoke to her. I suppose most of that has to do with the fact that I have not had trouble meeting and attracting the opposite sex, either physically or by words. When such a thing is possible, it takes the pressure off to always have to have that attention. This means I understand why women can be so standoffish when out and about. So many men throwing themselves at them, they no longer feel the need to "make the effort" to be nice and accommodating.

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